Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Same Old

The comic is here, only because it made me laugh outloud!

I think I have officially published my first article ever. When I was younger, all I wanted to be when I was grown is a reporter. Now I'm grown up and I have a boring office job - seems we knew so much more when we were younger. At any rate, several months ago I signed on as a freelance reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune community pages and then did nothing. Finally, an opportunity presented itself and I took hold. The article I wrote should be published in the Holladay edition of the Salt Lake Tribune (maybe even the City and Avenues pages as well) on Friday, September 16. You can read it by going to and clicking communities on the top row on the right hand side. If I can get motivated I'll probably even write some more!

Joe hasn't heard any more from any of the medical schools he applied to. It's still a little early in the admissions process but not hearing anything at all is making us both a little anxious. We've assumed that his interview with Tulane is cancelled; everything we have read has indicated that Tulane has lost all of their admissions files so they'll be starting from scratch in January. Fortunately, Joe was convincing enough to the Delta agents that they gave him a full refund on his flight.