Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Henry's Blessing

It's crazy how quickly time passes. Henry now weights 10 lbs 7 ozs. He is adorable. It's fun to see him grow. He's holding his head quite well now. He loves to look at lights on the ceiling and walls and especially loves watching the fan ceiling fan (which we turn on especially for him even thought it's cold).

Joe and our family and friends blessed Henry on Sunday. It was a wonderful event. We have a lot of wonderful people in our lives. As our Bishop said, we can expect a lot from a child who obviously has a lot of loving support. Thanks to everyone who came!

I'm enjoying motherhood. It's nice to not be tied down to a schedule. The hard thing for me is loosing the ability to control my own life. My life, and my schedule, are completely controlled by an 8 week old little boy. I still write articles for the Tribune and do some work for the law firm. Other than that, I've become addicted to watching television at 4:00pm when Oprah and Ellen compete for my time. And, of course there's the feeding every two hours and the comforting of a crying baby. It's fun to read to him too, his favorite book is Pedro the Brave, a riveting story about a young boy who saves his friends from the digestive system of a mean wolf.

Joe's busy in medical school. As usual, he's enjoying the challenge and making a whole slew of new friends. The medical school has soccer and flag football teams in which Joe participates. He has made many goals for the soccer team and is excited that his two goals made it possible for the first year medical students to beat the second year medical students. He also just recently earned his second "gross" hat, a hat that the anatomy professor gives to every student who gets 100% on their exam.