Monday, February 26, 2007

Six Months Already!

It's amazing how much changes in just six short months. Henry is an extremely active healthy baby. It's so fun to wake up every morning and find out what he has learned and how he has changed, seemingly overnight. Now he can sit up on his own for a couple minutes, hold his own bottle, he says "da da da da da," he loves his jumper and playing with toys. Fortunately, he cries much less now when he's in his car seat and is, in general, a little bit more independent. He has really taken to eating cereal and baby food (especially when it's really thick). He smiles, giggles and screams tons. He now grabs at everything in sight and usually tries to put it straight into his mouth. When he takes a bath I have to give him his own clean wash cloth because he always tries to eat the one I'm using to clean him.

Henry still doesn't regularly sleep through the night but after a little coaxing we've gotten him to the point where we know he CAN sleep through the night and often he sleeps at least 6-7 hours before wanting to eat again. His favorite place to sleep (aside from in someone's arms) is pictured below. Even if we put him to sleep in the middle of the crib within minutes he will scoot his way to the top and smoosh his head in the corner just like the picture or he'll turn himself around so that he is parallel to the top edge of the crib still pushing his head into the corner. Maybe he likes tight spaces?

Every day is a joy!
Joe and I are good too, but no where near as fun to talk about!