Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mommy I'm Stuck!

Every morning when Henry wakes up he grabs his blanket and climbs the stairs to my room where he joins me in my bed for a few minutes. I love this ritual.

This morning Henry did not climb the stairs. Instead, when he woke up Joe and I heard him call "Mommy, I'm stuck!" Joe ran downstairs to help Henry only to find him laying on the floor underneath his mattress.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Investment Portfolio

Item #1:
Little Tykes swing set.
Price New: $700 (approx.)
Price Used: $250 (1.5 years ago)
Sold: $300 (yesterday)
Hours and hours of backyard fun (for Henry and friends)!
Rating: Great Investment

Item #2:
Portable DVD Player
Price New: Honestly don't remember $150 I'm guessing
Price Used: Bought it new.
Sold: $0
It's a piece of crap. It never works. It discourages interactive fun.
Rating: Waste of money. Use your laptop instead (though that won't fix the interactive problem).
Item #3:
Price New: Probably less than $10. We have the original Warranty Deed signed by Ulysses S. Grant.
Price Used: $183,900
Sold: It's on the market if you want it!
We love our house and we love our neighborhood but we decided now is the best time for us to do something more temporary (since we're going to be gone for a while and leave again in a few months).
Rating: Hopefully a good investment. Only time will tell!