Sunday, July 29, 2007

Henry Pic's

Henry at the Children's Museum. He loved the various different vehicles with steering wheels. He also had a good time sorting vegetables with the other kids. He's still quite young to really enjoy the children's museum, but it was fun anyway.

Henry and his cousins McKenzie and Austin in the playground at the Zoo.

Henry loves water!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Are you diseased too?

I went to my regular check up with my endocrinologist earlier this week. Typically these appointments are good ego boosters for me. Most of the time I spend at the appointment is consumed with the doctors and residents telling me that I'm the ideal diabetic (if there is such a thing). I've been told that I'm the most controlled diabetic probably every time I have ever been to the doctor - including the one this week. However, now my doctor (and especially his nervous resident) are concerned that it's too good to be true. I regularly have "lows," or low blood sugar levels. My target blood sugar level is between 85 and 110 mg/dL and I drop into the 30's on a regular basis. I am always fine, but the problem is that I have an inability to sense that my blood sugar level is low, which means that I don't always fix it quickly, which ultimately can end up to be dangerous. The good news is that I or someone else has always caught the low and there haven't been any real problems. Long story short (or not so short) I now get to change my insulin regime, see if I can get rid of some of the lows. I have nine months to fix it or the doctor is going to make me undergo screening for Addison's disease which, for numerous reasons, I'm almost positive I don't have.

Addison's disease is another autoimmune disease of the endocrine system. Basically, the body of a person with Addison's doesn't produce enough steroids (there are various kinds depending on which type of Addison's you have). It can be treated pretty easily, I think, with the addition of those steroids through pills.

The most depressing thing is that diabetes and Addison's don't get along well because the treatment for Addison's causes blood sugar levels to be really hard to control.

Even though I don't think I have Addison's, I wish I wouldn't have told the doctor to wait. Now that he's concerned that I have it - the more I think about it the more I'm concerned that I have it. It's the hypochondriac in me. And, if I knew for sure, then I wouldn't be worrying for no reason! Hopefully this new insluin regime works and I can be certain it's the diabetes and not Addison's causing my lows!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

On a whim, as usual.

We are fixing our patio. Joe's brother Dan got some flagstone from a job he was doing and, knowing how crappy our patio is, he offered to give it to us. Joe and I were so excited that we tore out the old patio that same night. Now, suddenly, we're neck deep in a massive project. It will be wonderful when it's done, but for now, our driveway is full of piles: a pile of flagstone rocks, a pile of gravel and a pile of sand. We got rid of the pile of bricks a couple of days ago. Nevertheless, hopefully soon you can all come over and enjoy our wonderful new vision turned reality. Here's the vision (minus the lame advertisement):