Monday, June 16, 2008

The Gateway is Surprisingly Fun

Henry loves the water at the Gateway. Usually he'll sit by the edge of any of the pools or waterfalls and throw rocks and sticks and things into the water. Today, there were TONS of kids running around in the fountain enjoying the warm summer evening. Henry was a bit timid at first, interested in the fountain, but only from a distance, instead he was content in the usual rock and stick throwing. After some time alone with his inanimate objects, Henry built up enough courage to try the more interactive fountain and he loved it! It was really fun to watch him run in and out of the fountain swatting at the water, splashing it on himself and enjoying the water that surprisingly fell on his head from above.

For my part - I've always looked at those kids running through the fountain fully clothed and thought that it was white trash, irresponsible and annoying for parents to just let their kids go wild in a public place that was not designed for swimming... guess it's fun to be white trash.

After getting soaked by the fountain, Henry got new clothes from one of the stores at The Gateway, since we hadn't planned on getting wet, and a scoop of ice cream.


At some point last week I decided that Henry's sleep troubles may be caused by a hatred for his crib. In an attempt to rectify his horrible sleeping habits I removed the front of the crib and got him a better blanket and pillow - making a toddler bed.

For the most part, my theory was a failure, but he sure looks cute in his bed.

Sometimes when Henry's having a hard time sleeping, I'll lay on the floor next to his bed. Tonight after I left his room, I heard him say "Mommy," a couple times so I went back in his room and found him asleep where I would have been laying had I been in there. He really is cute!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Joe is definately going crazy

Joe is currently studying to take step one of his medical board exam, which is scheduled for next Thursday, June 19. This test is one of the major factors that determines what residency programs he will be competitive for and thus what type of doctor he will ultimately become. Passing this test is necessary to continue with his medical training and doing really well is equally important to Joe. To prepare for the test, Joe studies nearly 12-14 hours every day, which, it seems, is beginning to take a toll on him. Every day after studying he comes home with an Einstein hairdo- he clearly takes his stress out on his hair- eats dinner and resumes studying. I think he needs a break!

Here are some of his latest chat and email comments and their corresponding pics sent to me (yes he sends me pic's of himself all the time):

"I am just studying too hard."

"This is tough."

"Serious, my brain is melting"

"Look out!"