Friday, August 24, 2007


I can't believe it's been a whole year already. One year ago, this little guy was a mere 5:15 pounds of lathargy and now it feels like he's so grown up! If you had explained to me how quickly he would grow, how much he would change, one year ago, even six months ago, I may have questioned your knowledge of the development of babies. But here we are with a miniature adult - one with favorites things, with desires, with a strong personality. I couldn't be happier to be a mom!! Parenthood is an exciting adventure and, even as I type this I feel emotional from the love that I feel for Henry and of course for his Dad, Joe.

So, here we are one year later. Some of Henry's most recent milestones include:
  • Walking!! He typically takes about 10 steps before he gets nervous and sits down or falls or finds someones hand to hold.
  • Speaking!! "Da" means Dad. "Du" means Duck. All toys are "du". He also makes raspberry noises every time he playes with his yellow fire truck.
  • Expressing his desires!! Henry now screams like a girl whenever he isn't getting exactly what he wants. Like in Sacrament meeting when he's sitting on someone's lap instead of roaming the halls. Or, at his birthday party when he wants his mom to hold him instead of eat dinner.
  • Demonstrating his desire for knowledge (or so I hope)!! Henry's an explorer and a climber. He loves new things. He loves to climb on new things - or old things. Lately, he's been intrigued with his ability to put things together. He loves to put toys inside of oneanother, take them apart and do it all over again.

Henry's birthday was a wonderful celebration for Joe, Henry and I. I am grateful that we have such a tremendous amount of support from our families and friends. It is awesome that one little boy can elicit so much love from a crowd of so many. I know the joy that he brings to my life and I sense and hope that he also brings similar feelings to your lives. We can expect great things from a boy who has the support of so many wonderful people. Thank you for being a part of our lives and thank you for helping us to raise our son - HENRY!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Katie's Married!

"Out of My League"
by Stephen Speaks

It's her hair and her eyes today
That just simply take me away
and the feeling that I'm falling further in love
makes me shiver but in a good way
All the times I have sat and stared
as she thoughtfully thumbs through her hair
and she purses her lips, bat her eyes as she plays,
with me sitting there slack-jawed and nothing to say
'cause I love her with all that I am
and my voice shakes along with my hands
'cause she's all that I see
and she's all that I need
and I'm out of my league once again.

For more pictures click on the Katie's Married link above.