Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The events of the past month were quite exciting. We went to Denver to see Wicked, which is an awesome show. The story, which follows the lives of the wicked witch from the west and glinda the good witch, develops the characters from the Wizard of Oz ten fold. The special effects were awesome and of course the music was the best of all. I've been listening to the soundtrack for about a year, so it was fun to see how different the show was from how I had imagined it ~ even with all of the information from the various songs. Anyway, if you have a chance, you should definately see Wicked. The picture at the left is all of my family at the Buell Theater in Denver, where Wicked played.

Just before going to Denver our house was broken into. What a mess! They didn't take anything - likely because we don't have anything good to take - but they definately went through a bunch of stuff. I had the police come and do a report and they took finger prints, foot prints, all kinds of pictures, if the person who did it ever gets caught they have no doubt that it was him becuase he left his tracable prints EVERYWHERE!! The same week, unfortunately, two of our neighbors houses got broken into, our neighbors car was broken into and another neighbors bike was stolen. And, besides the bike and the mess, nothing was missing from any of the homes/car.

Joe got his tonsils out on Monday. The recovery is supposed to be 10 days but today is only the 3rd day and he's already back in class. We've been told he went to the best ear, nose and throat doctor in the state, so maybe that's why. Either that or the constant popping of percocet. Yumm!

I also had my bi-annual endocrinologyst check up . My A1C was 4.8 which is very good. The American Diabetes Association recommends below 6.5 or 7 so 4.8 is looking pretty good. Now my doctor is concerned that I'm having a hard time realizing my "lows" which in the long term is not a big deal but short term, it could cause me to go into a comma or have minor troubles. I think I'm fine, besides unless I let up on my control of my highs, I will always be a little unaware of the lows. I'd rather risk having a few short term troubles than face the consequences brough on by having high blood sugar levels (you know: blindness, neuropathy, loss of limb, kidney failure, etc.).

Work is boring as usual. I have another article that will print in the Salt Lake Tribune in the next 2 weeks or so. You can look for it online, it will be in the Suagrhouse edition either this friday or next, I think.

Until next time... Pray for Joe to heal and do well at his medical school interviews (and to get more).