Monday, January 26, 2009

Saint George is warmer than Salt Lake and that makes me happy

I'm loving Saint George! It is wonderful this time of year when Salt Lake is nearly unbearable and even more so unbearable with an active two year old.

Yesterday after church we went to Zions and hiked around the emerald pools. Because it has been raining this weekend, there was plenty of water, we saw five, or six, waterfalls. It was beautiful. And, like I said, the weather is wonderful (unless you ask our friends who live here, they think it's cold). True, it has been raining, but the sun is out for most of the day which is far more than I can say for Salt Lake where the sun hides behind the inversion.

I'm glad to be here for a few weeks and am even considering staying longer, unless someone rents the house we're staying in, or convinces me otherwise. Why would I come back to Salt Lake to huddle in my house when I can be here playing outside? We went on a bike ride the other day, outside, without coats. That's incredible people.

Standing on top of a waterfall

If you look closely there are probably 9 deer in this picture.

This was on or around New Years when we came to check out the house. Henry is a fantastic golfer!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Clearly Irresistable

Henry likes baths lately. If I would let him, he would stay in the bathtub for hours. This morning he took a bath and being a lazy mom I didn't drain the tub immediately after he got out. Instead I started doing laundry and then I realized I needed to take out the garbage and when I returned to the bathroom I found Henry like this -

Friday, January 09, 2009

Compelling Indeed

If you had a tent over your potty, would you go potty? Henry reached a lull in his potty training and after 30 minutes on the potty with no completed business we decided to get creative. Not too long after the tent was erected potty training resumed, officially. Now he can't wait to sit on the potty or go stand under the tent.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Nevermind my poor video skills - I was paying far more attention to Henry than I was to the camera. Oops. At least you get a close up of Henry's "l,m,n,o,p" rendition.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Henry has never had a professional haircut. I have always cut his hair with a buzzer at home. Since the past few haircuts have been a chore and the finished product has looked awful, I decided to give the professionals a try. Henry did a great job; I realize the picture makes him look unhappy but he was mostly cooperative which is very unusual for Henry at hair cutting time. The environment was great; an airplane to sit in, Madagascar on the television, a balloon and sucker as a reward.

I feel good about my choice, even if it was significantly more expensive then our free in home sessions.

As a side note, after the cut the stylist asked if I wanted her to style Henry's hair. I usually just leave his hair alone, but I thought since we're doing new things with his hair, it wouldn't hurt to see what it looks like when it's "done". Honestly, I think he looks ridiculous with all of his hair standing up like that, but gel washes out, right?