Wednesday, July 05, 2006


If you want to know how much weight I have gained in the past 7 1/2 months, don't ask. I have no idea. I close my eyes when I get to the scale at the doctor's office. The less I know right now, the better I'll feel about myself. Right?!?! The last ultrasound I had was two weeks ago and Henry was 2lbs 8ozs. The rest of the weight I've likely gained, well, lets just hope it's not the ice cream. I'm still feeling really well, despite being uncomfortable with a huge belly. I suppose I have been extremely lucky to not have any of the expected pregnancy complaints.

Joe is still working feverishly on our house. The kitchen is really AMAZING now. It went from a terribly designed, unfriendly kitchen to an immaculate user friendly workspace. There was no detail left untouched. Everything is perfect, from the beatiful pergo floor to the backsplash and undercabinet lights. I'm lucky to have a husband who loves me so much that he'll make me the perfect house! If you haven't seen it yet, you really should stop by. I just wish we had before and after photos because you wouldn't believe the difference!

Because of the house we (especially Joe) haven't had a very exciting summer. Just a lot of work. Joe wants to do some relaxing sometime before he starts medical school in August, but what can we do? If you have any fun ideas, let us know. We always enjoy a little excitement.

We did go to Mexico in May. We had a great time, relaxining by the beach. The hotel we stayed in was beautiful. The only thing between the hotel and the sand on the beach was an equally fun swimming pool. I think Joe definately deserves another relaxing week in Mexico, but after buying a house, and checking prices on all of the baby stuff we have to buy and fixing our car twice now, we probably can't afford to just go to Mexico. Too bad... I'd really love to go again!

I now have to go to the doctor once a week for "non-stress tests". I'm not entirely sure why I have to do them, or what they're really looking for. All I do is lay on a bed with fetal monitors attached. The doctor said it can take anywhere from 1/2 hour to several hours, depending on how well Henry cooperates. And, on top of that, I still have to have my regular OB appointments every two weeks. This feels like it's becoming a full time job already and Henry's not even born yet!

Speaking of jobs, Joe got a summer job at Discover Card. He looked for quite a while for opportunities that would he would really enjoy, but everyone who was interested in hiring him became uninterested when they found out he could only work until August. So, he's stuck helping people transfer balances over the phone... Only problem is once the training ends, there's only 2 weeks left before school starts, they probably won't ever actually get very much work out of him and they knew it when they hired him. Crazy company must be really desperate for employees.