Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After two months of living in Florida I needed a break. So Joe insisted, without any resistance from me, that I return to Utah with the kids.

I will admit, I was too busy having fun and catching up with people... I forgot to take many pictures until the last day. Oops. Here are the few that I did capture:

Amelia sitting for the first time in my sister's Bumbo chair. What a great invention!

Henry and his Uncle Peter who he adores, at the Tree House Museum in Ogden, a fabulous children's museum. I wish I had taken a picture of Henry and Grandpa later that day at the park. Grandpa is a great storyteller and Henry was his captive audience and apprentice in the art of storytelling. 

Grandma and Amelia on our last day in Utah.

My mom wanted pictures of the Grandkids while we were in Utah. Pictures of seven kids under the age of six is impossible. In this picture someone had just declared that fruit snacks would be awarded to the willing participants. Henry doesn't like fruit snacks.

Another of my favorite pictures. Sadly, I didn't take any good ones of the group. Hopefully someone else did.

Henry's birthday was soon after returning to Florida so we had a family birthday party in Utah before leaving town.

Henry trying out his new Superman/Batman cape.

After an extremely busy visit, Henry passed out before we even got through the security line. He woke up to walk through the metal detector, went back to sleep, woke up to board the plane and went back to sleep. Then we waited on the tarmac for an hour and half so he woke up minutes before we were in the air.

The plane ride home.

This might not mean anything to the rest of you, but this is the reason why going home often is important to me; my kids bonding with extended family. Most of my childhood my cousins were my best friends, the same is currently true for Henry. I hope that my children can maintain friendships with family even in our absence. This is an impromptu dance session between Henry and his 16 month old cousin after the adults finished watching Fame.

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Callie said...

So cute! Glad you guys came! Miss you already!