Thursday, September 16, 2010

August & September in Picture

Amelia @ the beach. She is growing and changing very quickly now. She is no longer content to sleep in her car seat while we play, instead, she joins us in the water and in the sand.

On the Halifax River, down the street from our house.
Sunset on the river.
Playing on the underside of the bridge over the river.

Several weeks ago we took away Amelia's binki because it had become a nuisance in the night. She now soothes herself with two fingers... just like I did when I was young.
First day of school.
Henry LOVES Amelia, but remains unable to be gentle with her.
Amelia eating carrots for the first time. She was not impressed.
Isn't she beautiful?!!

Amelia loves jumping! She will jump in this until she falls asleep, waking up for moments at a time to jump some more.

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Tabitha said...

OHHH my hell!!! She is SO cute!!!