Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As many of you are keenly aware, I am seriously disappointed in the preschool options available where we now live. I shouldn't be shocked, I guess. Everything is inferior after you have learned the "Challenger way". Everyday when I pick up Henry from preschool I have to tell myself, this is better for him then sitting at home with Amelia and I and it's better for me to have a short break each day. Then we go home and do a few minutes of accelerated learning on our own.

Henry can read whole Step1 books with some help and lots of pushing (his attention span is really where we struggle with reading). Henry can do basic math (addition and subtraction). Henry loves, loves, loves science projects.

Anyway... I digress.

I am shocked at what he is learning by going to preschool in a more socially enabled environment. Henry is learning how to role play and for the first time in his life he actually plays with his toys - something he has never done without prompting from a friend. Because he is encouraged to play with a purpose at school (part of the curriculum is learning through play or other interaction) he is excited about playing with his toys in a meaningful way.

Why am I excited about this?

His personality is beginning to shine more than ever. I am excited to see him assign character to his toys or to take on a character of his own each day when he plays. His voices are hilarious. His animation is adorable. I can see that this experience, while it is frustrating for a mom who wants a brilliant son, is perfect for Henry. It is helping him to develop into a more independent child. It is encouraging him to be more social (if that's possible) and establishing his perfect little personality.

So, here's to an imperfect preschool program that is encouraging my son to develop more wholly.

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