Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friendly Visit

Our friends came to visit. Here are some of the fun things we did while they were here.

Joe and Henry playing with the shark Joe and Kevin caught on a fishing trip.

Joe and Kevin caught this shark on their fishing trip.

Muscle man!
On a small hike at the natural springs.
The boys at the natural springs.
Isn't she gorgeous?!!
Kevin and Tori have an amazing camera. This alligator picture was taken at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. A very cool place to visit if you want to see and learn about American alligators and other similar creatures.
Henry watching alligators at the farm, which is actually a zoo, not a farm.
Henry at the Alligator Farm.
Joe and the kids at the St. Augustine lighthouse, unfortunately the kids weren't allowed to go to the top which was a huge disappointment.
Outside River Grille, one of our favorite restaurants, located on the Tomoka River, down the street from our house.
Joe and Henry floating the spring river.
@ the spring.
@ the spring.
@ the spring.
The gang at Magic Kingdom.
Minnie lovin' Amelia. Henry and Pluto, his favorite non-planet.
My fabulous family.
Beach bums.
Beach bums.
Joe and Henry boogie boarding.
Drip castles.
I wonder if I can fit my foot and my fist in my mouth at the same time?
the girls. Not proud of how old I look, I'll be honest.

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Amy said...

She's gorgeous! And no, you do NOT look old.